Business Due Diligence

A large majority of M&A and Financing transactions fail to materialize as the Due Diligence process throws up discrepancies and surprises, leading to disconnect between the investors and target companies.

In order to reduce such uncertainties and to improve your chances of a successful Due Diligence process, it is prudent to engage a professional firm to advise and assist in devising a Ready-for-Investment plan for your company.

Transjovan Capital offers Business Due Diligence services to companies interested in undertaking an M&A or a fund-raising process.

Many a times, Investors or Acquiring firms have also engaged our team to conduct an independent Business Due Diligence on target companies, to aid them in their investment evaluation process.

A review of the existing company structure, market opportunity, products/services, financials, operations, stakeholders and business model is done, as part of this exercise. Our team can pre-empt investor concerns and advise your company in devising the right approach to a fund-raising or an M&A process, thereby reducing the associated time and costs.


With offices in New Delhi, Los Angeles and Sydney, the Firm is a preferred Board-advisor to emerging as well as established corporates. The Firm’s team has advised clients spread across SMEs, large Indian Conglomerates, Institutional Investors, Fortune 500 Corporations, Government Authorities and New Ventures.

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