Business Performance Improvement

Transjovan Capital offers Business Performance Improvement advisory services to companies, whereby we help the Management address areas to improve revenue scale or rationalize costs or improve business efficiency, thereby leading to enhancement of shareholder value.

Our team has been engaged by organizations for improving performance of a particular division or unit, as well as for the entire company. Given the criticality of such engagements, our team offers assistance to the companies in the Implementation phase as well.

Such engagements are long-term in nature. Some of the areas that we address for our Clients are:

  • What are the key value drivers for the company?
  • What are the benchmarks to be considered by us, to set our organizational goals?
  • How do we prioritize the various business drivers to achieve our organizational goals (i.e., topline focus Vs bottomline focus)?
  • What initiatives need to be undertaken by the company on a monthly basis to improve business performance?
  • How do we monitor the progress of such initiatives and measure their effectiveness?
  • How do we ensure a buy-in from all the concerned stakeholders?


With offices in New Delhi, Los Angeles and Sydney, the Firm is a preferred Board-advisor to emerging as well as established corporates. The Firm’s team has advised clients spread across SMEs, large Indian Conglomerates, Institutional Investors, Fortune 500 Corporations, Government Authorities and New Ventures.

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