Indian chemical industry is expected to register a growth of 8-9% in the next decade and is expected to double its share in global chemical industry by 2021. Indian Chemical industry has the potential to grow significantly provided some of the key growth imperatives are taken care of like securing feedstock and ensuring the right product mix.

Emerging trends indicate that Western companies would look to expand presence in Asia as Asian markets emerge as a major consumption hub. Moreover, the Commodity chemical companies will look for entry into Specialty Chemicals for growth and profitability. M&A would be the preferred route for cash-rich global companies to expand in Specialty Chemicals in India.

Transjovan Capital's expert advice can help emerging and established players in the industry to chart a well-planned strategic roadmap to tap the various opportunities going forward. Our team can also address your financing requirements and provide assistance in rolling out strategic initiatives for expanding in new markets or for launching new products or services.


With offices in New Delhi and Mumbai, the Firm is a preferred Board-advisor to emerging as well as established corporates. The Firm’s team has advised clients spread across SMEs, large Indian Conglomerates, Institutional Investors, Fortune 500 Corporations, Government Authorities and New Ventures.

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