Joint Venture Advisory

Transjovan Capital offers Joint Venture advisory services to companies that are interested in entering into a strategic alliance or partnership with another company.

Our team has collective deal experience of consummating USD 1+ Bn worth of transactions. We leverage our extensive relationships with large Corporates, SMEs and Multinationals (in India and globally) to ensure speedier execution and targeted shortlisting.

We have helped companies looking for a JV partner to expand geographical reach, to expand product portfolio, to improve cost structures, to enhance capability, to enable technology transfer or to share resources.

Some of the areas that we address for our Clients in JV advisory engagements are:

What are the expectations from the JV process?

Given our JV criteria, who are the relevant target companies for addressing our requirement?

How should we evaluate the different target companies as a fit for our company?

How should we structure the JV transaction?

What are the synergies to be derived by both the companies?

What factors are to be kept in mind for ensuring an effective due diligence process on the target company?

How should we negotiate and ensure the best terms for our company?

What are the initiatives to be undertaken by us for ensuring a good post-JV agreement relationship with the target company?


With offices in New Delhi, Los Angeles and Sydney, the Firm is a preferred Board-advisor to emerging as well as established corporates. The Firm’s team has advised clients spread across SMEs, large Indian Conglomerates, Institutional Investors, Fortune 500 Corporations, Government Authorities and New Ventures.

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