Social Development

Social development, of late, has been accepted as a strong and vital component of economic development. The five decades of development experience in the country have clearly brought home its relevance. The experience of other developed nations also substantiates that without developing the social sector, a country cannot attain the status of a developed nation, because it is only through the process of social development, the element of sustainability could be provided to the process of growth.

India being the second largest country in the world population-wise, is also home to multiple public services where the need for efficiency, good governance and zero-leakages are manifold.

Post-liberalization and market reforms, governments have reduced public spending on certain vital sectors like education, health and agriculture to name a few. However, this has also paved the way for an active and robust private sector investment in such sectors with the commercial side being addressed with maximum efficiency and reasonable productivity. Thus, the private sector in India is uniquely positioned to venture into the social sector and expand its consumer base by using its innovation and market expertise to create a sustainable future for all.

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