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M&A strategy for a global Industrial group


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M&A strategy for a global Industrial group

A US-based industrial client wanted to do a market assessment in order to preserve its business interests. This consisted of:

- Potential market opportunities

- Analysis of market drivers and competitor moves

- Diligence and target options for potential M&A/JVs


Results Delivered:

  • Market sizing by product segment. Conducted primary and secondary research along with an top-down and bottom-up economic analysis
  • Ascertained a huge untapped market opportunity of over $3 Bn
  • Identified key trends across headwinds, tailwinds and customer preferences and their market drivers
  • Mapped a competitive analysis of the industrial landscape and categorized competitors on basis of business nature.
  • Target funnelling and assessment of ~1000 players, screening down to 21 deep dives for potential acquisitions/ partnerships


Capabilities Demonstrated:

  • Industry assessment, landscaping and market sizing
  • Commercial Due Diligence
  • M&A Strategy, Target Screening and Assessment
  • Trend analysis and Competitor analytics

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