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Target Screening & Identification

If only companies were as easy to buy as basic commodities, then it would be clear where to look for potential candidates. The attributes that distinguish one operation from another would be readily apparent. And one wouldn’t need to convince the target company’s owners and management team that a transaction with them is worth their consideration.

But that’s not how it works with M&A. So it pays to be efficient right from the start. A methodical approach to target identification, based on the principles of corporate strategy, can put you on the path to a successful expansion of your business portfolio.

Transjovan Capital has built significant target screening expertise. Among other things, we can help companies to:

  • Evaluate market and geographic segments for untapped business opportunities
  • Review and screen relevant market segments in detail
  • Evaluate relevant market trends and disruptions
  • Identify potential targets for acquisition based on existing strategic objectives
  • Make initial deal introductions and support early-phase activities


Potential benefits derived include:

  • A larger universe of potential M&A candidates
  • Target companies that may not be on the radar of any other acquirer
  • Impartial guidance on the profile of an optimal target for your business