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Buy-side M&A


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Buy-side M&A

Transjovan Capital offers Mergers & Acquisitions advisory services to companies and buyout funds that are interested in acquiring stake in companies.

Our team has collective deal experience of consummating USD 600 Mn+ worth of transactions.

Some of the areas that we address for our Clients in buy-side M&A engagements are:

  • What are the expectations from the acquisition process?
  • Given our acquisition criteria, who are the relevant target companies for addressing our requirement?
  • How should we evaluate the different target companies as a fit for our company?
  • How should we structure the investment offer, being made to the target companies?
  • How should we value the target company's business?
  • What factors are to be kept in mind for ensuring an effective due diligence process on the target company?
  • How should we negotiate and ensure the best terms for our company?
  • What are the initiatives to be undertaken by us for ensuring a good post-acquisition relationship with the target company?