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Corporate & Business Unit Strategy


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Corporate & Business Unit Strategy

Transjovan Capital assists companies define their strategic direction and make decisions that impact the whole corporation, as well as for specific business units or geographies. This includes strategic planning, corporate portfolio optimization, growth identification (organic and inorganic), competitive strategy, new market entry, and scenario planning.

We also provide longer term operationalization support to make sure the rubber hits the road. This includes strategic cost reduction programs, capability design, M&A strategy, and dynamic strategic planning systems. From strategy to implementation, we offer customized services and deep industry insights to resolve the complex business challenges.

Some areas that we address for our Clients are:

  • What should be the make-up and relative investment across our portfolio businesses?
  • How can we best add value as a corporate entity to improve competitiveness of our individual businesses?
  • What is the right business model and commercial go-to-market strategy?
  • What should be our short-term vs. medium-term vs. long-term strategy?
  • What should be our roadmap of investment, corporate level moves (acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, and/or partnerships), and actions to enhance our value creation prospects?
  • What discontinuities or wild cards could disrupt my industry, and how should I respond?
  • Am I missing or under-estimating risks that may have a long-term impact?
  • Is my portfolio balanced for both the short and long run? Will my strategy be robust, given potential changes in our industry/market?
  • What new products and services will best meet the evolving needs of our customers?
  • How can I ensure a successful product launch in a highly dynamic marketplace?