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Market Entry Strategy


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Market Entry Strategy & New Product Development

When your company is entering a new industry or sector, our team is available to assist you in making the right decisions. In such instances, the Board/Management has typically conducted an initial go/no-go analysis and has decided to proceed with the entry option.

Transjovan Capital offers Market Entry Strategy services to provide Clients a deeper understanding of their proposed business expansion. Companies can save huge costs and execute their plans with greater alacrity if they can formulate their market entry strategy timely.

Our team has assisted a variety of companies, including Global majors and Indian SMEs for formulating their market entry strategy and devising an implementation roadmap.

Our team employs a mix of industry stakeholder consultation and secondary market research to give you the insights for your proposed expansion. Customer responses can also be gathered to conduct a pilot market response assessment for your proposed product or service.

Some of the areas that we address for our Clients in such engagements are:

  • What is the market opportunity
  • What should be our focus and positioning in the market, for the proposed business foray?
  • What is the potential demand for the proposed product or service?
  • What can be our pricing strategy?
  • What are the customer insights, in terms of likes/ dislikes, modifications desired in the proposed product or service?
  • What is the right business model to adopt?
  • What should be our operating model and the Go-To-Market plan?
  • How will the financial projections look like?
  • What is going to be the Return on Investment (ROI) and Breakeven period to assess ‘size of the prize’?
  • What should be the Implementation roadmap to achieve the organization goals?
  • What are the potential risks associated with the proposed business and how can they be mitigated?