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Strategic Wargaming


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Strategic Wargaming

With increasing business complexity, uncertainty and technological pace resulting in seismic impact on businesses, it is imperative to shift to a new paradigm of prioritizing strategic choices.

Strategic Wargaming is a dynamic simulation that gives business leaders the opportunity to stress-test and bring to life strategies in a controlled and safe environment that considers the perspective of key market players. It evaluates dominant strategies under truer and pragmatic lenses based on the dominant strategies of various market players.

Wargaming (Strategic and M&A) focuses on the interactions between industry players and requires participants to:

  • Go through a decision-making process simulated with real-life dynamics
  • Play the roles of different industry stakeholders and act according to their own self-interest
  • Cascade a nested and portfolio lens to realistic M&A possibilities

Transjovan Capital provides Strategic Wargaming offering across sectors and it has the potential to grow and become a core capability relevant to a variety of client situations.

How wargaming will help?

  • Observe the impacts of a strategy on multiple dimensions
  • Discover dominant strategy options, payoffs and points of ‘Nash Equilibrium’
  • Perform trade-off analyses of key decision levers
  • Develop an actionable response plan based on market reactions
  • Identify gaps and weaknesses in the existing strategy
  • Anticipate & manage competitive response
  • Develop a cascaded and nested approach to M&A options versus marketplace reactions
  • Foster team building, ideation and collaboration
  • Explore complex market interdependencies
  • Identify new opportunities and risks to monitor
  • Build a common body of knowledge by providing a shared experience