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Competitive Benchmarking


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Competitive Benchmarking and Analytics

Smart companies are adopting NexGen approaches for turning data insights into tangible results. Benchmarking reveals an understanding of industry-wide performance that enables companies to know where they measure up against peers across key performance metrics such as operational and process excellence, product innovation, and workforce planning, to name a few.

Transjovan Capital offers Competitive Benchmarking & Analytics services to drive deeper understanding of industry-wide performance and levers that can help companies compete and grow. We leverage global industry best practices and Conjoint Analysis in to crystalize significant gaps and recommend areas of improvement.

Competitive Benchmarking engagements assist companies to:

  • Improve performance: benchmarking identifies methods of improving operational efficiency and product design.
  • Understand relative cost position: benchmarking reveals a company’s relative cost position and identifies opportunities for improvement.
  • Gain strategic advantage: benchmarking helps companies focus on capabilities that are critical to building strategic advantage.
  • Increase the rate of organizational learning: benchmarking brings new ideas into the company and facilitates sharing of empirical learnings.